Casamanya Extrem 2023 Registration

The race will take place on June 10th


Please read the registration prices and conditions carefully before registering:

Registration prices for circuits

  • 20€ - EXTREME registration
  • 15€ - CLASSIC registration
  • 10€ - Casamanya MINI registration
  • 3€ - No Limits Course registration


  • Special discounts for No Limits Club members
  • FREE registration for overall winners of the previous edition
  • The parents or companions of the youngest participants who register for the No Limits Course can participate for FREE in the activity, without the need to register.

Insurance: To be able to participate in any of the competitive circuits (EXTREME, CLASSIC, MINI), it is mandatory to have insurance coverage, preferably being federated in mountain sports. For those who do not have a federation license, we offer the possibility of purchasing a day insurance:

  • 8€ - Day insurance for non-federated participants

Banquet: At the end of the race, there will be a banquet at the Coll d'Ordino for runners of all categories, participants in the No Limits Course, companions, organizers and volunteers. We encourage you to enjoy this activity in an incomparable setting.

  • 10€ - Banquet

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