Solidarity Casamanya Extrem

The Casamanya Extrem Vertical Race promotes various actions to collect donations for the project of the Andorran Red Cross, Autumn Camps for children and youth "Disconnect to Connect".

We have implemented a micro-donation system that participants can make during their race registration.

The Andorran Red Cross, established in 1981, is recognized by Law 89/2010 as a voluntary and public interest humanitarian institution, which develops its activities as an auxiliary and collaborator of public administrations under the protection of the State, while maintaining its independence and autonomy, and fully adhering to the 7 Principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

It promotes projects in different areas:

  • First Aid: activities aimed at providing relief and first aid related to the coverage of preventive relief devices. An example is first aid training.
  • Social Intervention: contributing to the social inclusion of the most disadvantaged people, with support projects, home teleassistance, solidarity shops, etc.
  • Social and Healthcare Services: as day services, our function is to welcome elderly people in situations of dependence, individuals with severe disabilities, and people with mental health problems, providing them with assistance, therapeutic activities, and daytime recovery. There are currently two operating centers.

We have selected their project of solidarity autumn camps "Disconnect to Connect". This involves organizing subsidized camps for 20 children at risk of social exclusion. Therefore, they may be referred by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Youth and Equality, by local communities, or other associations, just as there are also children from families who use the services of the Red Cross.

We fully identify with the values defended by the Red Cross, and particularly with the objectives promoted by this project:

  • To disconnect from technology
  • To promote inclusion through sports, nature, and recreational activities for children from families at risk of social exclusion
  • To create a space of trust and relationship among children, regardless of their socioeconomic status, place of origin, or various issues
  • To provide an inclusive resource in an environment in direct contact with nature
  • To facilitate the acquisition of relational skills with children, others, and the environment
  • To encourage group cohesion

These objectives are naturally achieved through activities such as swimming, skating, rock climbing, adventure forest, as well as other sports and physical activities, combined with educational activities such as cinema, cultural visits, leisure activities, games, and various workshops. At the same time, this allows families to take a break, disconnect children from their daily reality, and enjoy the activities offered during the camps, which they would not otherwise have access to.


At the end of your registration, just before proceeding to payment, you will have the opportunity to make your contribution. Regardless of its size, any help will be welcome.


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