Solidarity Casamanya Extrem

The Casamanya Extrem Vertical Race promotes fundraising for the Kailash Home Foundation and the dissemination of its project.

We have launched a micro-donation system that participants can make at the time of their race registration.

The Kailash Home Foundation is a private non-profit foundation without religious or political connotations formed by mountaineers in solidarity with the children of the Himalayas. We believe that basic education is the best guarantee to generate economic, social, cultural, and political progress in this area. Thus, our mission is to guarantee access to education for the neediest children in the Himalayas.

Home to nearly 100 children between the ages of six and seventeen, Kailash Home is the hub and residential campus for our operations in Nepal. Our children are selected based on need and access to educational opportunities, with most coming from remote mountain village regions of the Himalayas. Upon arrival at Kailash Home, these children find a new family and are able to recreate the home and parental nest they may have lost or perhaps never had at all. All of the children at Kailash Home are provided both traditional and cultural education, as well as proper nutrition and healthcare, and opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities and outings. Each Kailash Kid is individually sponsored by an international donor who forms a deep and continuing bond with their child even beyond graduation from Kailash. Our graduates go on to success in trade school, universities, and a myriad of professional careers. Over 20+ years the Kailash Home Foundation, in conjunction with our international partners, has cared for and educated more than 200 individual students.


At the end of your registration, just before payment, you will be able to make your contribution.
No matter how small it may seem, every bit of help will be greatly appreciated.



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